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Direct Store Delivery or DSD is available to our valuable customers who wish to receive our products directly delivered at their stores, always on time. 

Ran out of stock? Need to complete an order? From a few boxes to a full load, we are here to support our customers’ business needs.

Re-Packing & Re-Grading

Our highly skilled re-grading team members carefully revise and select fresh produce to ensure our clients obtain only the top-notch packed fruits and vegetables.

Equipped with a modern bagging machine, our re-grading crew monitors analytics to guarantee a smooth, standardized process. Therefore, Tomato King can promise the same high-quality, worry-free service every time you need it.

Whether you need to comply with specific regulations or packaging standards in Canada, our re-packing and re-grading services are available and one call away!

Storage & Transportation

Our climate-controlled facilities were designed with a clear objective in mind: to provide storage solutions to all kinds of fruit and vegetables.

Our refrigerated warehouse and fleet of vehicles enable us to create and maintain microclimates to keep your produce as fresh as possible.

From the moment your order is placed until you receive it, we follow a systematized logistics protocol that allows us to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables ready for your customers to buy.

Icing & Cooling

Maintaining our fruits and vegetables fresh, from the fields to your hands, is our highest priority.

Some products require specific temperatures, humidity and ice to keep their natural properties.

Whether you are looking for specialized cooling solutions for your produce or top some boxes with layers of ice to store them in your facilities, we adapt our solutions to your needs.


Ontario Food Terminal

165 The Queensway, Suite 232

Toronto, ON M8Y 1H8

+1 (416) 259-5410

Evans Warehouse

191 Evans Avenue

Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1J5

+1 (905) 677-2885

TK Fresh Produce is an Equal Employment Opportunity company.
We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all our employees.